United to Conquer Adversity

We are doing something really amazing together for Australia during the week of the 6th-13th November 2017 aligning once again with our partner World Kindness Day. With your support we will help thousands of Australians in need and endorse projects that protect our beautiful land.

Will you take the Waterline Challenge® ?

About Us:

The Waterline Challenge® is a new Participant Charity event in Australia which is launching with the sole purpose to raise funds for multiple Charities to give them a HELPING HAND to fund projects aimed at improving peoples (and animals) lives in Australia. It is the brainchild of Julian Day who himself is a three time survivor of childhood cancer.


The Challenge:

The principle of Waterline Challenge® is to register teams who together will accumulate over 52,000 kilometers through participant activities where combined distances traveled by teams doing an outdoor activity, will equate to traveling the distance around the entire Australian coastline.  E.g. A Team of 10 that cycle 20km, their total is 200km. We would like all Teams’ accumulative distances to exceed 52,000km, which is the distance around Australia.


The Vision:

Waterline Challenge® launched successfully in November 2016 and this year we will build on our success by teaming up for multiple events along Australia’s coast and waterways including beaches, rivers, lakes and islands.
Over the next 5 years the goal is to become the largest participant charity event in Australia. Our target is to reach people in every corner of Australia and raise much needed funds for some incredible charities.
Will you join the Waterline Challenge® ?