The Waterline Challenge® is a new Participant Charity event in Australia which is launching with the sole purpose of raising funds for multiple charities to give them a HELPING HAND to fund projects aimed at improving peoples (and animals) lives in Australia. It is the brainchild of Julian Day who himself is a three time survivor of childhood cancer.

The Waterline Challenge® is to “circumnavigate” Australia’s entire coastline, including rivers, lakes and islands,  between the 6th and 13th November, 2017.  This is achieved by every team recording their distance traveled.  E.g. A Team of 10 that cycle 20km, their total is 200km. We would like all Teams’ accumulative distances to exceed 52,000km, which is the distance around Australia.

Being ‘for everyone’. We encourage involvement from people of all walks of life and with as much creativity as you can imagine: walk, run, paddle, sail, swim, pedal, skate, horse ride, windsurf…  the waterlines (coast, rivers, lakes, islands) of Australia. Belonging, feeling engaged and being part of something is key to creating real change.

How the Waterline Challenge® Works

You participate as a team of between three and ten (for safety reasons). In 2017 the first 5,000 registrations are free, after which the registration cost is $33.50 per team member. Every participant is asked to raise a minimum of $200. We encourage you to gain sponsorship from family, friends, and work colleagues. The team decides the section of waterline and how far they will travel, the direction they will follow, and their mode of travel.

The Waterline Challenge® Difference

From the funds raised 100% (less just 1.4% transaction fee) will go to your choice of charity, water quality, environmental and ecological projects. You can support any one of up to 14 different charities. 80% of the funds that you and your team raise goes to this nominated charity, the remaining 20% will be distributed between our major charity partners; Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Surf Life Saving Australia, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Royal Flying Doctor Service and a host of national initiatives for water quality and environmental projects.