This is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive. If they do not answer your particular question you can contact your local Waterline Community Champion or Contact Us by email.

+-Question: How do I register for the Waterline Challenge® 2017?

The quickest way to register is go to the “Join the Challenge” page through the Waterline website main menu and then select the How To Register button. After that just follow the instructions. If you need more information come back to the FAQ’s or Contact Us.

The Team Leader must register first by creating the Team (known as a CAMPAIGN in Benojo), then the other team members can join the Team.

+-Question: Why do I need to be part of a team to participate in the Waterline Challenge® 2017?

The Waterline Challenge® is not a single event but many separate events all over Australia spread over a week. Because our Community Champions cannot be everywhere during the Challenge we want to make sure there will always be other people around to provide help in case someone participating in the Challenge should experience any type of difficulty. That is why we have chosen a minimum team size of 3 people. The maximum number of 10 was determined by a senior representative of Emergency Services in Australia. Also we think sharing your Challenge with others with a similar goal will be a lot more fun! If you are struggling to find two other people in your area to join the Challenge let us know and we will try help locate others or put you in contact with a team your area.

+-Question: Who can be a member of a Waterline Challenge Team 2017?

Anyone can be member of a Waterline Challenge® Team. Friends, family, work mates or just a group of people with a common interest. All Team Leaders must be over 16 years old. However you should consider everyone in your team when you are planning your team challenge.  Are they fit and strong enough, do they have the right level of skill and do they have any special requirements (e.g. disabled person in a wheelchair). If you are not sure contact the Waterline Community Champion who has been nominated for your team or go to the Waterline website and Contact Us. Remember any person under the age of 16 will need to nominate their parents or legal guardian who can approve their involvement in the Waterline Challenge® when they register. (Note: All the Team Leaders must be over 16 years old.)

+-Question: How should we name our Team?

You and your team can choose any name you like, however some rules do apply (see below). Ideally it should be simple but clearly identifies your team so people will recognise it easily when then are making donations to you.

Remember the Team Leader has to register the team – they will always need to be the first person to register.  If there is any problem with the name you want to choose the Team Leader can Contact Us through the website. Also please see FAQ’s – “What if someone else has already chosen our Team Name?”

If you are a member of a Surf Life Saving team, then the team name must use the following format to ensures that 80% of the money raised by your team goes back to your particular Surf Life Saving club.

A SLSA team name must start with “SLSA ClubName”(with no spaces in ClubName e.g. NorthBondi); a space and then “Team Name” (the Team Name can have spaces in it). Examples: SLSA NorthBondi Nippers Aces, SLSA SurfersParadise Dolphins 1.

If you are a Rotary or Rotaract Club, then the team name must use the following format. You MUST nominate ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Assistance for Children) as your charity. 80% of the money raised by your team goes to ROMAC, the rest into the Waterline Challenge Central Pool.

A Rotary/Rotaract team name must start with “Rotary ClubName” (with no spaces in ClubName e.g. HerveyBaySunrise); a space and then “Team Name” (the Team Name can have spaces in it). Examples: Rotary HerveyBaySunrise Wide Bay 1.

+-Question: When do entries for the 6th – 13th Nov 2017 Waterline Challenge® open/close ?

Registration for the 2017 Waterline Challenge® is open until Friday 3rd November. Fundraising will close on Friday 15th December 2017.

+-Question: What does the Team Leader do?

The Team Leader MUST be over 16 years of age. A Waterline Team Leader is the person who registers the Team details in Benojo (as a CAMPAIGN) before any of the other team members sign up. The team details are the Team Name; details of the team Challenge; the particular Charity the team is raising money for; and the Target Amount the team plans to raise. The Team Leader then invites others to join the Team Name (known as a CAMPAIGN in Benojo).

The Team Leader’s contact details will be forwarded to the Community Champion in their Challenge area and they will then be sent an email with some general instructions, contact details and confirmation for their Challenge route and timings. In the case of the any ‘extreme’ challenge route involving remote areas or special skills the Community Champion will have to to arrange make a risk assessment to confirm the team is capable of attempting it safely. Finally on the day of the Challenge they will confirm when they are starting and finishing by SMS.

+-Question: What if some else has already chosen our Team Name?

Each team name needs to be unique. It can consist of any combination of letters digits or other characters up to a maximum of 60. As we are expecting quite a lot of teams using something simple like ‘Jim’s Team’ may not be available so you might need to be a bit more specific or imaginative like ‘Jim’s Botany Bay Paddlers’.

If you are part of a large organisation that is entering multiple teams then it would be useful to include the organisation name like ‘Joe’s Electronic Stores Swimming Team 1’.

Larger organisations will probably have a standard naming convention so it would be good to check first also please see FAQ’s – “How should we name our team?”.

+-Question: Why does the Team Leader have to nominate the Challenge route?

The Waterline Challenge® is designed to allow each team to be free to choose their own special challenge. Because we will not be able to directly supervise most challenges we need the Community Champion for your challenge area to make a safety assessment of it and confirm that it is acceptable. Considerations will be given to things like location, distance and any special skills or equipment that may be required. Also if any of your team has any special requirements such as a member with a disability. If you are having trouble thinking of a route just nominate an area and ask your Community Champion to suggest something (or drop us line through the Contact Us section of the website). They will have a list of various challenge routes in their area suitable for all sorts of groups and different travel modes at different levels.

+-Question: Why can I only raise money for one of the Waterline Partner Charities?

The Waterline Partner Charities were selected based on the diverse background of the people they help and their interests in nature, sport and medical disabilities. They have also been asked to actively help promote the Waterline Challenge® amongst their various members, volunteers and existing donors. Finally each charity has to be registered as a Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) to fit in with the Waterline Challenge Foundation business operation model and the rules for using Benojo who will be collecting and distributing donations to the various charities.

In some cases Charities were unable to join us due to other commitments around the time of the Waterline Challenge event or in other cases they didn’t think the Waterline Challenge was a good match for the way they operated. This may change in future Waterline Challenges. (If you represent a Charity and are interested in being a partner please contact our Charity’s Manager through the Contact Us page on the website.)

+-Question: Why does each team have to nominate a target amount of money to be raised and how much should it be?

We recommend that each participant in a team should be aiming to raise about $200, so a team of 10 would have a target of $2,000. The target amount of money to be raised for each team’s charity is determined by the Team Leader in conjunction with the team members. It does not matter if you reach it, exceed it or fall short. Whatever amount is raised will be gratefully received by your nominated charity.