Registration for 2017 is open until 3rd November.

To participate in the 6th – 13th November 2017 Waterline Challenge® you will need to be part of a team of 3-10 people and know your team name.

(Please note: Surf Life Saving teams, Rotary Clubs and Corporate Teams require special format team names. See FAQ regarding naming a team.)

Your Team will have to nominate your Challenge route and your Charity to support.

Need some more details? Please read the notes below and if you are not sure about something then have a look at our FAQ’s page or Contact Us.

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 Your Team and Team Name

The Waterline Challenge® is designed for teams of 3 – 10 people. A Team can be made up of anyone: friends, family members, work mates, people who share a particular interest… anyone!

(Please read our FAQ’s if anyone participating is under 18 years old.)

Plan your Team challenge, location, distance and method of travel. Pick the charity you want to support from the Charities page and how much money you plan to raise.

Registration of your Team is done in Benojo, our event partner. The Team is Registered as a “CAMPAIGN” by the Team Leader, who can then invite up to nine other people to join the CAMPAIGN. All Team Members need to Register in Benojo first and then join the CAMPAIGN.

You can call your Team whatever you like, however for Surf Life Saving Teams and Rotary/Rotaract Clubs the name format needs to be as follows, to ensure that funds are tracked by Club.

The format is: SLSA ClubName TeamName (no spaces in ClubName e.g. NorthBondi, however your Team Name can have spaces).

Example: SLSA NorthBondi Nippers Aces

For Rotary/Rotaract Clubs the format is Rotary Sydney Team1 etc.

Choose your Team Captain and remember, your Team Captain must register first so they can also register the Team name, then everyone else quotes that name when they register.

Planning your Team Challenge

The Waterline Challenge® is for all the participating teams to accumulate a total distance large enough to circumnavigate Australia.

In that spirit each team challenge should follow the coast or a waterway of some kind. Some teams may choose to do a Virtual Challenge, e.g. using a Rowing Machine at a gym.

The team’s method of travel can either be by the water’s edge (walking, running, riding etc.) or in the water (swimming, paddling, sailing etc.).

The choice is yours but you need to consider the ability of your team members and as part of your registration it is your responsibility to let us know if there are particular needs so we can assess any risks and ensure your safety.

Finally how will you raise the money? By personal donations, sponsorship or other? Each person should aim to raise at least $200.

Register at our event partner donation site

The ‘REGISTER NOW’ button takes you to Benojo our event partner where you will enter all your personal and team details.

The donation site will also collect your personal registration fee, so you will need your credit card details handy.

Finally all funds raised by your Team as part of the challenge will be collected via the donation site and sent to the appropriate charities. Do not send any money to Waterline Challenge.

REGISTRATION is open until 3rd November.