World Kindness Day is celebrated around the globe on the 13th of November each year.

Waterline Challenge is proud to be partners with World Kindness Australia and promote all that the movement stands for.

Respecting and celebrating our differences
Inclusion rather than exclusion
Hospitality rather than hostility
Gratitude instead of attitude

Each year World Kindness Week launches the possibility of positive change and Waterline Challenge embraces this whole heartedly.

Kindness does not discriminate, it is not political and it has no negative agenda. It is something that should ignite a spark in all of us, to remind us we can always do and be better.

We hope that the Waterline Challenge helps to bring out the very best in us. This needs to be celebrated and we thank all participants for embarking on this journey together and making a significant contribution towards a kinder world realised in our lifetime.

Gala Fund-raising Dinner at Luna Park on the 13th of November.

This year we are excited to announce that in addition, we will be holding our first Waterline Challenge Gala Fund-raising Dinner at Luna Park to support our partnership with World Kindness Day on the 13th of November.