Leila Henderson

If you need to get your message across to thousands of journalists, bloggers and content producers – for example to tell them about a brand new charity event called the Waterline Challenge!

Would you:

a) spend months researching and creating your database, and days sending emails, and possibly hundreds of hours making sure you maximise search engine reach and SEO criteria in those emails, or

would you:

b) use Newsmaker to select a group you wish to contact from a list of 50,000 plus options, write your email and in the click of a button get it in front of the journalists,  and content producers that you want to inform?

The answer is b of course!

The Newsmaker PR and Social Marketing platform today represents over 50,000 brands and is consistently named No.1 press release service in Australia by independent analysts.

Luckily for the team at Waterline Challenge, award winning business owner Leila Henderson, and creator of Newsmaker has generously donated the use of her amazing service for us to help spread the word about the Waterline Challenge! 

So, as a small team of people, trying to reach a whole country full of people…and beyond, this is an amazing opportunity for Waterline Challenge.

We all just want to say thank you for your generosity!

If you have a message you want to tell the world – take a moment to check out Newsmaker 

See how you can even create your own Newsroom in minutes and become a Publisher that sends your content around the world in 80 seconds. 

I wonder what Phileas Fogg would have said about that!