Raising Funds for your Charity through www.tmatickets.com

Waterline Challenge has partnered with TMA Fundraising to offer all participants the opportunity to raise funds for their chosen charity quickly and easily.

Everyone is familiar with the ‘donation’ platforms available online today and you would already be familiar with GiveMatcher which is an option that you can use if you wish.  The TMA platform though gives you a totally different option with the following advantages:

  • You don’t have to ask your contacts for donations
  • The TMA platform runs a competition with $75,000 in 5 star resort holidays as prizes  to multiple destinations such as Port Douglas, Bali, Fiji, Samoa, Thailand
  • There are 10 prizes – http://www.tmatickets.com/holiday-prizes/
  • Tickets are $5 each OR there are huge discounts on ticket prices for multiple purchases

bayview-star wowgolf

The TMA procedure

  1. Register as a participant through the Waterline Challenge process as normal
  2. We will also send you a personal email within 24-48 of you registering with Waterline Challenge to explain the TMA Fundraising procedure
  3. Go to www.tmatickets.com and create a Fundraiser Page supporting your chosen charity – this takes about 5 minutes to complete
  4. Simply share your page with everyone that you know via email and social media – we will help you every step of the way in doing this
  5. Your contacts will come to your page, purchase tickets and you watch your fundraising tally grow
  6. You don’t have to ask anyone for a donation – most people find it easier and more comfortable asking someone to buy a ticket rather than asking for a donation

How is Wowsta helping the Waterline Challenge?

  • Each supporter who purchases tickets through www.tmatickets.com receives a complimentary Wowsta 12 month VIP membership
  • Each supporter also receives $150 in Wowsta Travel & Lifestyle Dollars to kick-start their account (that’s $150 real Australian Dollars that you can use to offset the cost of travel in many different ways)
  • Wowsta is offering each participant who hits $500 or more in ticket sales for their charity a 12 month VIP membership PLUS $1,000 in Wowsta Travel Dollars
  • Wowsta is donating a fantastic luxury 5 star resort holiday (total value approximately $12,000) as a prize that anyone that registers for the Challenge and uses www.tmatickets.com has the opportunity to win