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About Us

United to Conquer Adversity


The Foundation

The Waterline Challenge® is the brainchild of Julian Day who himself is a three-time survivor of childhood cancer. Over the years since then he has walked the entire coast of NSW in stages raising money for cancer research. It was during these long coastline walks that he conceived the idea of the Waterline Challenge and the the Waterline Challenge Foundation.


The purpose of the Challenge is to raise much needed funds to assist all those who are suffering some type of adversity, be they people, animals or the environment, by organising charity events. The principle role of the Foundation is to organise the charities, sponsors and teams to take part in the Waterline Challenge during one week every November. The Foundation may also be involved in other smaller events during the year. Our motto is “United to Conquer Adversity”

The Waterline Challenge

The ‘Challenge’ is to “circumnavigate”​ the Australian coastline by accumulating the efforts of thousands of Australian walkers, runners, riders, paddlers, swimmers and sailors during one week in November. Anyone can be part of a team and we encourage involvement from people from all circumstances and walks of life. Be as creative as you like as you design your particular team challenge along part of the Australian coast or any local waterway. Your team will also choose one of our participating charities and pick a target amount to raise for them.


Circumnavigating Australia is a huge task for a single person but together, by combining everyone’s effort, we can succeed. Just as raising lots of money for the different charities can make a real impact on their work and every Waterline Challenge participant  can be part of creating a real change.


Julian Day
Julian Day, CEO of the Waterline Challenge Foundation