Waterline Challenge | Joining Waterline Challenge
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Joining Waterline Challenge

Registering to participate in Waterline Challenge® is simple just follow these steps.

Registration for the 2020 Waterline Challenge will open in July.

Register yourself on BENOJO

Find a Campaign to support

Register a Team

Join your Team

Register yourself on BENOJO

BENOJO is our donations and Challenge partner. Their website will handle all the transactions associated with the Waterline Challenge®. This includes registering all the Teams and individual Team Members. Everyone that participates must first register as a BENOJO user.

The Register Button below takes you to the  BENOJO website.  When you get to there click on the top right button “SIGN UP / LOG IN” and follow the instructions to create your own account. BENOJO will send you an email to validate and complete your registration.

Once you have registered you can then LOG IN and create a team if you are the team leader or join a team if you are a team member. You can also use BENOJO to promote the Waterline Challenge to friends and family and make donations. (NB: Your supporters do not need to register in BENOJO to make a donation.)

Find a Campaign to Support

All the Charities we are supporting in 2020 are shown on our Charities page in this website. Each one will be creating a “Waterline Campaign” in BENOJO. Once you know the specific charity you can search for it in BENOJO and when you find it there should be a link to their campaign. Please note that some Charities may have set up a number of campaigns, for example one per State, so make sure you find the right one.

If you particular Charity is not showing a Waterline Campaign you will need to contact them. In some cases the Charity may have set up their campaign in such away that you need to get a specific invitation from them in order to create a team. This is probably because they have some special information or directions they need you to follow when creating your team. After your team leader has created the team they will issue invitations to all the team members which makes joining the team very easy.


Register your Team

All Waterline Challenge® participants need to be part of a Team of between 3 and 10 members. The Team Leader must be at least 16 years old and is responsible for co-ordinating the Team on their challenge. As the Waterline Challenge® wants to be as inclusive as possible, other than the age of the Team Leader, there is no restriction on who else can be a member of your Team!

The Team Leader, usually together with the team members, then decides on their particular challenge, charity supported and target amount to be raised. Be as imaginative as you like: walk, run, kayak, sail, pedal, swim, row, skate, or ride a horse, as long as the route or activity is by the water. However you should mindful of the capabilities of all the members of your group. If you are part of a larger group or organisation there may be a group challenge that you are all going to take part in.

You can call your team whatever you like however try and be reasonably specific and/or descriptive. Instead of “Tom’s Team” you might try Tom’s Port Hacking Paddlers”. If you are part of a larger organisation with multiple teams in the challenge they may want everyone to follow a particular team naming convention. (e.g. Rotary, Surf Life Saving, Scouts. Click the button below for more information).

Finally, try and have some suitable images, logos or even audio/visual material to add to your team page so you can fully explain to your donors and supporters what you are doing and why. When you are promoting your particular Waterline Challenge you can send them the link to your page so they can help with their donations. The team leader can also edit the team page to add new information and update the team status.

Once your leader has created the Team they can invite all the members to join.

Joining your Team

Now it only remains to join your Team. Each team Member will get an email invitation from the team leader to join. Click on the link in email and it will take you to the team page where you accept. However, remember, before joining your Team, you must be registered as a user in BENOJO (see above). If you are not registered you will be asked to register before you can accept the invitation.

Also when accepting we ask everyone participating in the Waterline Challenge® to set themselves a target to raise a minimum of $200. What every you can raise will be gratefully received but the more the better!