Waterline Challenge | Waterline challenge
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Waterline challenge

United to Conquer Adversity™

The Waterline Challenge® is an Australia wide event designed to raises money to assist those who face adversity. The ‘Challenge’ is for all the participating teams to accumulate sufficient kilometers so they could have circumnavigated Australia’s entire coastline during the week of the event.


The Waterline Challenge® is designed for everyone. We encourage involvement from people of all walks of life and with as much creativity as they can imagine to: walk, run, kayak, sail, pedal, swim, row, skate, horse ride the waterlines of Australia. Also it is a team event because belonging, feeling part of community, is one of the keys to creating real change.

How the Waterline Challenge Works

The nature of your particular Waterline Challenge® is only limited by the imagination of your team. It can be as easy or challenging as you like. There is no restriction on who can be part of a team, only the team leader must be at least 16 years old. The team decides the section of waterline (coast, rivers, lakes, islands) and how far they will travel, the direction they will follow, and their mode of travel.


Depending on your skill and fitness your ‘Challenge’ may take an hour or two or may last several days! It may be at your local beach, river or lake or in a wilderness park! You must participate as a team of between 3 to 10 members for safety reasons. It is not possible for us to monitor everyone in a nationwide event. When you register your team on the BENOJO website we may contact you if it seems you have chosen a particularly difficult Challenge.


Every Waterline Challenge® team participant is asked to try and raise a minimum of $200 for their nominated Charity however there is no upper or lower limits. We encourage you to gain sponsorship from family, friends, work, and clubs to raise the maxim possible for your cause. In 2024 the first 5,000 registrations are free, after which the registration cost is $30 +GST per team member.

The Waterline Challenge Difference

You can support any one of up to 20 different Waterline Charities listed on our Charities web page. 80% of the funds that you and your team raise goes to this nominated charity. The remaining 20% will be distributed amongst our major charity supporters; Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Surf Life Saving Australia, Foundation for National Parks  & Wildlife and a host of national initiatives for water quality and environmental projects. From the funds raised by each team participant, 100% (less just 1.4% credit card transaction fee) goes to charity or the water quality, environmental and ecological projects.