Waterline Challenge | Further Important Information
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Further Important Information

Further Important Information – Please read!

Charities that are participating in the Waterline Challenge® are registered on GIVAR. They will also have created a Waterline Challenge® campaign page. If you cannot see their campaign page you will need to contact them and get them to send you the link.

GIVAR manages all donations and transfers all the money donated to each Team’s chosen Charity. GIVAR does not take any part of the donations. However in order to help cover their cost they provide each donor a chance to give a small voluntary tip. The only cost is a fee of 1.4% which charged for bank processing. The Waterline Challenge® Foundation does not handle any financial transactions, so 98.6% of all donations goes to charity!

80% of all donations goes to the chosen Charity and 20% into the Waterline Challenge® Central Pool. The Central Pool provides funding to our major charities plus water quality and environment projects across Australia. 98.6% of the money raised goes to charitable causes.

Naming Conventions for Teams

If you are part of a national organisation that is participating in Waterline Challenge® (e.g. Rotary, SLSA, Scouts) you need to be careful when naming your team to prevent confusion. The best thing is to check with your organisation. Alternatively have a look at the names of any teams already signed up to the campaign your organisation is supporting. Finally have a look at the examples below.

Organisation based teams MUST use the following naming convention:

  • Organisation Name
  • Club, Group or Regional Name
  • Team Name/Number

Here are some examples:

  • Rotary Sydney Team1
  • SLSA Bondi Nippers1
  • Scouts Kew Adventurers