Waterline Challenge | How to register
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How to register

Waterline Challenge Team Registration will Open in July 2019

Before you can register for the Waterline Challenge® you will need to have chosen the particular Waterline Challenge® registered charity for which you wish to raise funds and you need to be part of a Waterline Challenge team. If you have all these details you are ready to Register. Need some more information then read on.

Waterline Challenge Charities

All Waterline Challenge® Charities, Teams and Team members must be registered with our partner donation site Benojo. Registration is free and does not commit you to anything. Once registered on Benojo you will be able to search for your favourite charity and others that support similar goals.


Teams and Who Can Be A Team Member

All Waterline Challenge® participants need to be part of a Team of between 3 and 10 members. Each Team needs to nominate a Team Leader who must be at least 16 years old and who will be responsible for coordinating the team on their particular challenge. As the Waterline Challenge® wants to be as inclusive as possible, other than the age of the team leader, there is no restriction on who else can be a member of your Team!


Your team you will then decide the specific nature of your particular Waterline Challenge®. Be as imaginative as you like: walk, run, kayak, sail, pedal, swim, row, skate, or ride a horse, as long as the route or activity is by the water.


Your Team Leader will then create your team in Benojo and link it to your charity’s Waterline Challenge® 2018 campaign. They will also record the team challenge and fundraising target and then invite you to join the team.

Register your Team in Benojo

The Benojo Donation Site


Benojo is our donations partner. Their website will handle all the transactions associated with the Waterline Challenge. This includes registering all the Charities involved each year and all the Teams and individual Team Members.


Benojo manages all donations and transfers all the money donated to each Team’s Charity. Benojo does not take any part of the donations. However in order to help cover their cost they provide each donor a chance to give a small voluntary tip. The only cost is a fee of 1.4% which charged by the bank for handling the credit cards. The Waterline Challenge® Foundation does not handle any financial transactions.